Know Your Digital Marketing – 02.19

We’ve got a great collection of content for your review. We know you’re busy. We’ve taken the time to call out the best articles we’ve come across during the past week.

If your brand is going to be effective in social media, your goal is to find and target crowdcultures. Stop chasing trends and look for novel ideas that are coming out of crowdcultures to assert a point of view that stands out among the trends. The article is longer but has some great examples. Stick with it.

What internet browser do you and your website visitors use? It may give some insight into success at work and other places.

We help our clients stay ahead of the SEO curve. Recent updates from Google have changed the way we look at and implement SEO best-practice. Like all things on the internet it will continue to change. According to this article, we all won’t recognize SEO in 5 years and they provide 3 emerging tactics in search to help you plan for the future.

Are you testing your marketing? If so, you may run into bumps in the road with statistical significance. Here’s a great refresher on statistical significance and how to make it work for you in testing and optimizing your digital marketing campaigns.

Last, if you haven’t heard, Twitter started a school last summer. It was focused on training agency marketing folks and trained about 15,000 marketers. They recently opened the school, called Flight School, to a wider audience. If you’re wondering if the training is for you, this article is a great synopsis. It also contains a link to Flight School for if and when you’re ready.

If you have questions or would like further information on these or any other digital marketing strategies and tactics, call or email us.

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