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Meet Know Agency

We founded Know Agency in 2010. After years of working together on different projects and in other agencies, we decided it was time to partner.

We saw gaps in how companies communicate, share, and collaborate with their clients. We knew it was time for something different.

A new way of working in SEO, search, PPC, and digital marketing that supported and enabled client success through real knowledge-sharing and honest communication.

Kevin and I believe lasting and successful client relationships happen when our clients become partners. This creates real teamwork – ensuring open and honest communication, collaboration, and success. More often than not, our clients turn into friends, creating a real network of like-minded motivated individuals and companies.

Jane Phelps, CEO/Partner at Know Agency

We’re not like the other agencies. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We don’t keep secrets. We tell you what’s working, what needs improvement, and what you can realistically achieve.

You see the same data that we see. You ask us questions and we give you the truth. You know we are always honest, reliable, dogged, and here for you.

We come from mid- and large-sized full-service, digital marketing agencies. Our experience illustrated the opportunity to focus on a service, deliver it really well, and partner with other agencies to deliver a full spectrum of digital marketing services to our clients.

This allows us to focus on delivering results for our clients rather than billable hours. Our clients only get charged for the services they receive and not overhead for resources they’ll never use.”

Kevin Hawke, COO/Partner at Know Agency

We are driven by a few core questions:

  • “What are the client challenges? How can we solve these client challenges?”
  • “What can we do better for our clients?”
  • “What don’t we know? What is the best way to learn?”

For us the answers lie in always being ourselves – and giving your our best. To do this right, we believe it’s essential to share our knowledge and to demystify SEO, search, and digital marketing.

When you understand the why behind our recommendations and actions – it’s much easier for you to see your opportunities and possibilities.

Straightforward. Supportive. Successful. This is us. This is what you can expect from us – always.

What We’re About

We are your trusted and experienced SEO, PPC, search, and digital marketing partners. As leaders in the industry with many decades of collective experience – we get you where you need to be.

We are Straightforward: Trust us to tell you like it is. We tell you where you need to improve and change. We share our SEO, search, PPC, and digital marketing knowledge. We keep you involved in the process – so you can understand the results and opportunities.

We are Supportive: We want you to succeed. Your success is our success. So, we don’t sugar coat the facts. We collaborate with your team and your experts – learning your business so we can do our job for you. We are accessible, available, and ready to do what it takes to see you succeed.

We are Successful: We are damn good at what we do. We care about what we do. This is a win-win for you. You know you’ll get the best from us at all times. And if we don’t know the answer – we’ll tell you, do the research and the work, and come back with a plan. Your success is our success.

Our Mission

For business leaders at any level who think beyond just search ranking, Know Agency are the experienced SEO and digital mentors that work to understand what you do, while helping you understand what we do because we achieve the greatest success when we connect people online, on the ground, and in the boardroom.

Straightforward. Supportive. Successful. Know that you get this from us always.

At our core, we’re people who care about doing the best job possible. We care about our clients. And we want you to succeed.

We can’t wait to get started working with you. Call us at 888-241-4205.

Trust us to give you practical, actionable, and useful SEO advice, best practices, and knowledge.

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