How To Audit Your PPC Campaign

Google Ads and Bing PPC Audit Checklist: How To Audit Your PPC Campaign

A PPC Audit Checklist and Guide to PPC Best Practices

A PPC audit gives you actionable feedback you can use to strengthen your PPC campaign. An audit tells you in black and white, what is working, what can be improved, and what needs to be changed immediately.

Your Google and Bing PPC campaigns are too important to leave to chance.

Regularly auditing your PPC campaigns is the easiest way you have to catch errors, find overlooked opportunities, and to capitalize in changing search intent and demographics. Small but important details like spelling, message consistency, keyword overlap, and mobile-friendly landing pages add up to large impacts on your PPC campaign efficacy.

Our seven step PPC audit process is designed to help you improve your Google and Bing PPC campaigns.

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SEO and Google Checklists to Help You Rank in 2021

SEO and Google Checklists to Help You Rank in 2021

What do you want to accomplish in 2021? Maybe you want to rank higher in Google search results or increase your click-throughs from blogs and social posts or grow your newsletter subscribers.

These targets are possible. But they do not happen with magic.

In May, Google is rolling out its Page Experience update and this means if you want to meet your SEO, content, and search goals, you need to get busy now. And this is why we’re focusing on the essentials – the things you must do to be ready for the May 2021 Google Page Experience update and a 2021 SEO checklist to help you rank and get clicked.

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A Know Agency 2020 Blog Reading List

A Know Agency 2020 Blog Reading List

Some of our blog favorites and a video worth watching

It’s a busy time of the year. You’ve got unread emails, too many open web browser tabs, and a to do list that makes you shudder.

So instead of a long blog post about SEO best practices or how to create a 2021 SEO and digital marketing plan, we’ve got a different type of blog for you.

Here is a list of seven blogs that stood out for us in 2020 – blogs that contain useful advice about SEO, search, content, and Google:

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Leading Women-Owned B2B Service Providers

Know Agency Recognized as a Leading Woman-Owned B2B Service Provider

It’s not often we brag and tell you about the feedback and reviews we receive from clients and industry experts. But today is different. Today we’re standing on top of the tallest building and shouting at the top of our lungs:

The Know Agency team is honored and thrilled to be recognized as one of the top woman owned B2B companies in the United States.

Our company was founded in 2010 by Jane Phelps and has grown to be one of the most trusted and proven SEO and digital marketing agencies serving global B2B clients.

And now as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary it’s a real testament to Jane and her strength as a leader and person to be recognized by Clutch Co.

Based on a range of ranking criteria including company size, client reviews, and interviews, Know Agency ranked 48th in the list of 59 woman owned B2B companies.

As Jane says, “Going through the ranking and certification process and then to be selected for the list is a huge honor. I love the idea of woman-lead businesses and to be part of a group of women who are leading by example is just awesome.”

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Google Passage Ranking and BERT

Google Passage Ranking and BERT: How To Make Sure Your Content Keeps Google Happy

Give Google and your readers readable, relevant, and high-quality content

During their Search On livestream, Google made some key announcements about Google Search. This Google Search information matters to content writers, SEO strategists, website owners, product marketers, digital marketers, and anyone who wants to get found and ranked in Google search engine results.

Google covered a lot in their October announcement, but I want to drill down into the information that really matters to you and can help you get found, noticed, ranked, and clicked. For a solid overview of the Google announcement, read this Barry Schwartz article – Google Search Announcements: BERT, Passages & Subtopic Indexing & More.

Our mission is to help you give Google and readers what they want.  So, in this blog I give you the information you need to know about BERT, passage ranking, and content optimization.

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