Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Know Agency we specialize in organic search, paid search marketing, and content strategy for brands. We are experts in defining custom search engine optimization strategies that get you ranking on page one of the Google search results.

When people are looking for you and asking for your help – you need to show up and be available. This is why you need a search strategy. And this is what we do – we make sure you’re findable and available.

Trust us for strategic search that gets you ranked and found in the search engine results.

We give you the strategies, tools, and processes to make you stand out in Google search results – ensuring you can connect and resonate with your customers.

How We Work With and For You

We ask you what your goals are.

We get to know your team and how we can work with and support your marketing, sales, and product/services .

We learn what your challenges are. We learn what your strengths are.

We learn who your prospects and customer are.

We learn what questions people are asking about your domain and brand.

We learn what your digital footprint looks like.

We ask you questions. We listen to you. We learn what makes you unique.

And then we give you a customized search engine optimization strategy.

We can also support your existing team with training, leadership, organic search, content, PPC, and other digital marketing gaps.

Need full agency support? We are a dynamic and nimble team of subject matter experts:

  • SEO and search
  • Technical website analysis and design
  • UX/UI reviews and recommendations
  • Content creation, auditing, planning, and marketing
  • Paid search and pay-per-click ad campaigns
  • On-page and off-page SEO and keyword research
  • SEO, search, content, and digital marketing speakers, trainers, and educators
  • Google algorithms, compliance, analytics, and search results auditing

Client Results

How Know Agency Gives You Strategic SEO

Analyze Keywords for opportunities to improve or establish ranking and increase targeted traffic.

Map Keywords to existing or new web pages for optimization with content and other on-page requirements.

Establish E-A-T so Google can clearly see that your website and content demonstrates experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T).

Optimize Content by providing page-by-page optimization instructions.

Inspect Website Quality using Google’s published Quality Rater Guidelines to provide a roadmap of content, SEO, and search opportunities. Ensure your content meets Google’s user experience standards.

Technical Audit to find and approve a roadmap to correct technical issues that are negatively affecting your website performance.

Ongoing Support with an SEO plan to continue to analyze, report on, and address opportunities to optimize existing content. To create new content as needed to stay ahead of Google and your competitors.

Deliver Results for teams that are understaffed or lacking staff. Know Agency will build a team to help you create content and correct issues found in your technical audit.



Organic search is the unpaid or natural search results that display on the search engine results page (SERP). SEO (search engine optimization) and organic search optimization are the same thing.

Your goal is to optimize your content, website, and other factors to maximize your organic search results.

Organic search works to improve your brand’s visibility in the search results by providing relevant search results to user search questions and queries.

To make organic search work for your brand, you need to optimize your content focusing on:

  • Search intent
  • High-quality content and E-A-T
  • Keyword research
  • Page formatting
  • Website layout
  • Content structure
  • Links

Learn more about organic search.

Keywords are the words your customers and prospects use to find information in search engines.

Knowing the keywords people use to find information about your domain or brand is critical to optimizing your content for organic search and providing the relevant content Google wants to display at the top of the search results.

Learn more about keywords.

Search intent is the problem, question, or query a person wants solved. This drives the keywords they enter in a search engine.

Knowing search intent is essential to optimizing your content and search strategy for your users. When you know what your users are looking for, you can create relevant content that resonates and helps them.

Learn more about search intent.

Structured data is special JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data (JSON-LD) coding that explains the type of content on your page and the page type. Your readers do not see structured data content – it is only used by Google and other search engines.

Search engines look for structured data to understand what your pages mean and how to classify your pages. For example, Google uses structured data to return search results that meet search intent.