Paid Search Marketing

At Know Agency we specialize in paid search marketing, organic search, and content strategy for brands. We are experts in creating and managing custom paid search strategies that help you achieve your traffic and sales goals.

Paid search marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is the best tool you have to display targeted relevant ads in response to a search query when you are not ranking for a specific search term.

When done right, paid search drives traffic to a strategic landing page designed to convert this traffic to leads and sales.

This is what we do for you. We create paid search campaigns and strategies based on strategic keyword research, ad copy, and website experience – so you can meet your sales and marketing goals.

Trust Know Agency for strategic paid search campaigns that meet your business goals.

We give you the paid search strategies, tools, and processes to power your sales and marketing goals. We use keywords, search data, and savvy landing page design to create PPC campaigns that grab attention from Google and your customers.

How We Work With and For You

We ask you what your goals are.

We talk about your short- and long-term sales and marketing goals.

We get to know your team.

We learn what your challenges are. We learn what your strengths are.

We learn who your prospects and customer are.

We learn what questions people are asking about your domain and brand.

We learn what your digital footprint looks like.

We ask you questions. We listen to you. We learn what makes you unique.

And then we give you a customized paid search marketing strategy.

Client Results

Why Your Brand and Company Needs Paid Search

Paid search is one of the best strategies available to connect you with prospects and customers. But not all PPC campaigns are created equally.

To stand out and get noticed you need relevant, relatable, and targeted PPC ads based on where people are in the search and sale funnel. This is what we do for you.

We create a PPC campaign based on your goals, the questions and queries your prospects and customers have, keyword research, and real search data.

Using clearly written PPC ads and landing pages you can connect and resonate with your prospects and customers. The right landing page converts searchers to buyers and long-term customers.

This is what Know Agency does for you. We find out what your sales goals are. And then we create and manage the PPC campaigns that get you results.

How We Provide You a Custom Paid Search Strategy

We use a three-step approach to create, audit, and optimize your custom paid search strategy:

  1. Research, Setup, Analysis
    • Paid search strategy creation based on search data and your goals
    • Keyword research, search intent analysis, and search data auditing
    • Create PPC ads using targeted and relevant keywords, language, and design
    • Landing page definition, creation, and testing
    • Updating of existing paid search campaigns
  1. Monitor and Optimize
    • Keyword expansion, pruning, and optimizing
    • PPC ad refreshing and updating
    • Identify new paid search opportunities
    • A/B testing to find the highest converting ads and landing pages
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Bid strategy and cost management auditing
  1. Reporting, Analysis, and Feedback
    • Weekly and monthly paid search updates
    • Detailed dashboards displaying paid search campaign data
    • Strategic PPC auditing based on your sales goals, search intent, and keyword research
    • Quarterly deep dive analysis and auditing

We are your strategic paid search advantage. Like you – we are driven by results.



Paid search is targeted advertising that displays ads at the top of the search engine results page. Paid search ads should be based on search intent, keyword research, and search data.

Well planned out paid search campaigns include ads that take prospects and customers to strategic landing pages that provide people with answers to their search queries.

A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is similar to paid search. The difference is that PPC ads can also display on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, and other websites.

Like paid search ads, you must pay a fee whenever someone clicks your PPC ad. And like paid search, PPC ads are an opportunity to provide targeted and relevant ads that are a direct response to search queries.

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Yes, a PPC campaign uses SEO. And vice versa. There are many synergies with keyword data and research. Also, optimizing a landing page for SEO can help improve quality scores for PPC.

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Paid search budgets and cost depend on your competition and your goals. Clicks can cost less than a $1 and can also cost more than $30.

To determine your monthly spend or paid search costs, you need to pair costs per click with requirements for impression share.