Social Signals - Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

You have a network of friends. People you’ve grown up with, went to high school with, met in university, work with, participate in sports or other community events with, etc. In short, you’ve got a wide social circle of people who know you, can recommend you, help you out, and you can do the same for them. You know and appreciate the value of this network of friends. You’re never really alone and can always get a helping hand when you need it.

Now, think of your website and digital presence. You need the same digital friends. These digital friends are the ones that will tell others about your company, product, services, website and business – they’ll share your information, connect others to you, and essentially talk about you online.

These digital friends are known as social signals. Social signals are your connection to the outside web. Yes, the connections in this big spider web we call the Internet.

Social signals include:

  • Facebook likes, links comments, and shares.
  • Twitter likes, links, retweets, quotes, and conversations.
  • Pinterest pins, views, and comments.
  • LinkedIn connections, links, and references.
  • Google Plus connections.
  • Instagram followers, comments, and regrams.

Essentially, any social media site that is talking about you, helping you, connecting to you, and working for you.

Today we want to talk about how valuable these social signals are in helping your digital presence.

Every Signal Matters

For quite a while, the common understanding among digital professionals was that social signals didn’t have an impact on your search engine rankings.

But, the times have changed. Now we realize and understand how important your social signals are in impacting your ranking. Research shows that your brand presence and activity on social media does correlate to your organic search rankings.

Think of your Facebook news feed. The more a page is liked or a post is commented on amongst your Facebook social network, the higher it appears in your news feed. The same thing happens with your search engine rankings. In fact, we know that:

  • Google Plus has a huge impact on your search engine rankings. If you want to focus on one social network, this is the one. (Don’t know anything about Google Plus? Don’t worry, we can help you out.) When you’re busy and active on Google Plus you can leverage this and convert it into more links to your content and an increase in your domain presence.
  • Twitter is still relevant. You might have hear that “Twitter is dead”. Nope, completely incorrect. Remember that Google indexes Twitter tweets in their search engine. And Twitter is paying keen attention to this and actually updates Google with its best and most popular content. Twitter is watching you. Google is watching you. This means the more quality tweets, retweets, quotes, and likes you have – the better. But, this doesn’t mean you should just be tweeting without thinking about your tweet content. Quality and content still rule – even with your tweets. So think twice before you type out a 140 character tweet – you never know how it will impact your search engine rankings. (Well, we know how it will impact you….)
  • Facebook isn’t just for the kids. The first place most people search for a business, product, or service is on Facebook. One of the most common questions you’ll be asked is “Are you on Facebook?”. So yes, Facebook is for the kids but it’s also for you. Facebook is that friend that you have for life. Reliable, always there and able to help you out in numerous ways. Create your Facebook page with your brand and clients in mind – give them the content they want and need. This will garner more likes, comments and shares. This translates into direct impacts on your organic search ranking. As we always say, content is key and this holds true for your Facebook page. (Think of this when you like or share Facebook content.)

Each Signal has Value

Remember that circle of friends we mentioned earlier? Well, these friends are very important to you. Each friend has a different meaning and impact on your life. One friend might be a vital business contact and associate. Another friend has been your friend since that first day of kindergarten – true friends for life. Or you have friends that you only see when you’re out playing sports or attending your children’s school activities.

But, when it comes down to it – each of these friends is important and can have an impact on you and your well-being.

The same goes for your digital friends or social signals. We’ve highlighted the three keys: Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook. But don’t forget Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the next great social media site. All are important. All translate into your website traffic.

The essence of social media is the “social” aspect – to get these social signals to work for you in search engine rankings, you need people to be talking about you. But this isn’t a one-way conversation, you need to do the same for other quality websites, brands, products, services, etc.

Each and every like, share, comment, tweet, quote, etc has value. When your social signals are strong and active, you can and will benefit. But this takes work and this is where you need professional help. Who are the most popular brands/sites in your niche and what are they doing on social media? Who is talking about you? Who is liking, sharing, commenting on your social content? How can you convert this into website traffic and revenue? Who should you be liking, sharing, and tweeting? Who shouldn’t you be liking, sharing, and tweeting?

Remember that friend at school who your parents didn’t really like but you really wanted to hang out with? Well, the same goes for your social signals and digital friends.

Yes, we can help you figure this all out. You can trust Know Agency, we’re your friend in more ways than one.