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Make SEO work for you on social media

How To Use SEO and Social Media Effectively

Your social media content does impact your search results – don’t forget SEO!

Social media can be confusing. What should you share and post? How do I get people to follow me on social media? Why isn’t anyone clicking the links I share or posting a comment? Is anyone out there?

Social media is a fast and crowded medium. A Tweet is posted and 2 seconds later, it’s lost in the long list of new Tweets. Constant scrolling and scanning means your Facebook and Instagram posts are missed – even if they satisfy search intent. LinkedIn is crowded, your articles might get read but no one clicks the like button or posts a comment.

To attract attention, your social media posts must do it all – communicate a value, benefit, CTA, and meet search intent. This is not easy. If it was, everyone would be going viral

Writing for social media demands you understand keywords, your target audience, what your competitors are and aren’t doing and saying, and the problems your audience has. And these factors are the crux of good SEO.

In this blog we focus on how you can use social media and SEO together to help you get found, noticed, clicked, liked, and shared. Just like a good social media post, we’re keeping this to-the-point and giving the facts you need on social media and SEO.

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Search Intent

Stop Overlooking Search Intent: Your Readers and Google Want You to Optimize for Search Intent

Search intent must be the foundation for every piece of content you write

Satisfying search intent must be your number one goal. Plain and simple, if your content doesn’t deliver for search intent, it’s not going to rank.

Google is doing its best to make it obvious how important search intent is for your content, audience, and search engine results ranking. With Google BERT, Google Page Experience, featured snippets, People Also Ask, and the related searches list, Google is clearly doing everything it can to satisfy the user.

People come to Google because they have questions, and they want answers. This demands understanding the intent behind the search, where in the buying journey or marketing funnel the person is, and what extra information the person might need to satisfy their needs.

And this all circles back to you. You need to give Google what it wants – content that fulfills search intent. Now, we know you can’t read the minds of your audience, but thanks to Google, you can learn a lot about why people are asking the questions they’re asking and what this says about the type of information they’re looking for.

Search intent is a big deal. Do not overlook it. The way people search and their expectations from search results is changing. What worked six months ago, won’t necessarily work now. And with the upcoming release of Google Page Experience in May, there is no time to waste – you need to make your audience the priority.

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SEO and Google Checklists to Help You Rank in 2021

SEO and Google Checklists to Help You Rank in 2021

What do you want to accomplish in 2021? Maybe you want to rank higher in Google search results or increase your click-throughs from blogs and social posts or grow your newsletter subscribers.

These targets are possible. But they do not happen with magic.

In May, Google is rolling out its Page Experience update and this means if you want to meet your SEO, content, and search goals, you need to get busy now. And this is why we’re focusing on the essentials – the things you must do to be ready for the May 2021 Google Page Experience update and a 2021 SEO checklist to help you rank and get clicked.

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Google Passage Ranking and BERT

Google Passage Ranking and BERT: How To Make Sure Your Content Keeps Google Happy

Give Google and your readers readable, relevant, and high-quality content

During their Search On livestream, Google made some key announcements about Google Search. This Google Search information matters to content writers, SEO strategists, website owners, product marketers, digital marketers, and anyone who wants to get found and ranked in Google search engine results.

Google covered a lot in their October announcement, but I want to drill down into the information that really matters to you and can help you get found, noticed, ranked, and clicked. For a solid overview of the Google announcement, read this Barry Schwartz article – Google Search Announcements: BERT, Passages & Subtopic Indexing & More.

Our mission is to help you give Google and readers what they want.  So, in this blog I give you the information you need to know about BERT, passage ranking, and content optimization.

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Optimize Your SEO with 10 SEO Best Practices

SEO and Digital Marketing Must Do’s for Marketers, Website Owners, Writers, and Strategists

A guide to the SEO and digital marketing tactics you need to prioritize

There are lots of experts, blogs, newsletters, and websites telling you how to achieve SEO and digital marketing success.

One expert says every blog must be a minimum of 1,800 words long and another says size doesn’t matter. One SEO authority says you must have an internal link in every other paragraph, and another says internal links are overrated. A trusted digital marketing website says every headline must be at least eight words long but no longer than 10 words.

Confusing, isn’t it? We feel your pain. And it’s why we wrote this blog. To simplify SEO and digital marketing. To help you understand which SEO and digital marketing tactics matter.

In a nutshell – know your readers, find out what they want, identify their challenges, and find the best way to help them.

We’ve taken a different approach with this blog. We have lots of great content on our website about SEO and digital marketing. And we want you to read and benefit from it. So, this blog is a directory to the content we believe is essential to really understanding SEO and digital marketing. Content that gives you the tools and knowledge you need to guide your SEO and digital marketing plans, campaigns, and strategies.

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