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The Scoop on Organic and Paid Search


We get asked a lot about search engine results. How can your company improve it’s search engine results? Should our company run paid search? Is there a way to get ahead and always stay on the top of the results page? What is the secret to winning the Google first page?

These are all excellent questions and they are ones that show you’re thinking about your online presence and understand how critical it is. In fact, these are questions we frequently ask ourselves.

We ask ourselves these questions because like you, we’re constantly thinking about how we can improve our digital presence. Perhaps a tweak of our SEO, a change in website pages, different keywords, etc – will make the difference? Ultimately, like you we always want to be at the top of the search engine results.

And we are. Because we know how to do the work behind-the-scenes that pays off with results. So today, we’ll tell you a bit about our thoughts on organic search and paid search. Why we think both are good and why we think you should think about all of your options. Of course, really the best thing you can do now is contact us and find out what we really can do for you. (Who wants to read a long boring blog post anyway?)

Some numbers to think about and to keep you reading:

  • Results on the first page of results get 92% of all traffic. The second page links drop by 95%.

So yes, you want to be on the first page. So how to get and stay there?

Search Engine

First off, before we start talking about organic search and paid search we need to address the elephant in the room. Your search engine. We are simply going to assume that you’re like 81% of the people out there and are using Google as your search engine. Yes, 81%, this means Bing and Yahoo are only getting 19% of the search market share. This is why we care about Google and how you’re going to rank in Google search engine results.

Organic Search

When we talk about organic search, we’re talking about the search result links that appear when you enter your search terms. These are results are considered organic because they are returned based on the content quality of the page/website. (Remember this content quality is determined by Google and it’s many deep algorithms.)

The traffic you get from organic search results is understood to be the most valuable and equally hard to achieve. This is because Google has very tight policies and systems in place to determine what is considered good content and thereby good search results. As well, it takes time and work to appear at the top of the search engine results page. Your website has to be indexed by Google and then start getting real traffic – this can take time and it can be hard to know if your strategy is going to work.

Here’s another number to think about:

  • There are 10.3 billion Google searches every month. Yes, every month!

Paid Search

Think back to your latest Google search. Remember the results that appeared at the top of the page and have a small Ad logo next to them. These paid search results appear above the organic search results. (Even if you have amazing SEO and content, the paid search results will still rank higher.)

Because the Ad logo is very small, most searchers and browsers don’t even realize these results are in fact paid-for results. Google used to display these paid search results on the right of the page – they were easy to ignore or even miss… but now with the paid search results at the top of the page, these are the first links most people see first.

Unlike organic search, you can spend some money on paid search and see your website listed at the top of the page immediately. You get instant gratification. But, will some savvy searchers ignore these paid-for search results? This is the trick question.

The key with paid search is in doing it properly. You don’t want to offend your client niche by bombarding them with paid search results. This is where working with search engine experts like us can really pay off. Contact Know Agency to find out more about how we can help you here.

Which One Should You Choose?

Well, how about if we said you don’t have to choose. What if you use both? When used together, you can get improve your Google search engine results page rankings and reap the rewards of more traffic.

If you’re willing to wait the the three to six months that it typically takes with organic search to see results – then that’s fine. But six months is a very long time in the digital landscape. You could have new products, a new marketing focus or different goals – what will this do to your organic search strategy?

For fast and immediate results, paid search is the best solution. Of course, paid search does come with a price tag. So you have to weigh the costs of paid search with the pay off that comes with the increased traffic. If this works out for you, then paid search can be the best approach for the short-term.

While we can’t tell you exactly what to do without knowing anything about your business. What we can do is ask you a few questions about your SEO strategy. We’ll send you a custom report that lists the opportunities you can take advantage of. We’ll look at your competitors and dig into your website and social media content and determine how it can work harder for you.

Yes, we’ll do this for you. Why? Well, remember those questions from earlier – well we want to help you get the right answers. We know how valuable the right answers and strategy are to your business. We’re all in this together. Let us help you understand how to use both organic and paid search to your benefit.


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