Introducing the Know Agency 8-Week SEO Basics Course

8 Week SEO Basics Course


Learn about keyword research, links, content optimization, and more in this free SEO course

There is a lot of content available about SEO, search, content marketing, and Google. Unfortunately, this means there is a lot of contradictory, misleading, and plain old incorrect information out there about SEO and search.

We want to put an end to the confusion around SEO and help people like you understand what the priorities should be for SEO, search, content marketing, and Google.

When you focus on getting the basics of SEO right, it’s much easier to run successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, strategic social media rollouts, and to build a consistent base of blog and email newsletter readers.

This year we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Know Agency. This is a big deal for us. We’re a small team, each of us has very specific roles and unique expertise. This allows us to be agile, flexible, and responsive to our client needs and challenges. And ultimately, is the reason why we and our clients are successful.

We are driven by a few core questions:

  • “What are the client challenges? How can we solve these client challenges?”
  • “What can we do better for our clients?”
  • “What don’t we know? What is the best way to learn?”

And this is why we developed the Know Agency 8-Week SEO Basics Course.

The Know Agency 8-Week SEO Basics Course

The Know Agency 8-Week SEO Basics Course is a free course that is delivered to your inbox once-a-week for eight weeks.

Each week you get one short actionable email with practical and useful SEO advice, best practices, and knowledge.

At the end of our eight-week SEO basics course you will confidently understand:

  • Keywords and keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • The importance of external and internal links
  • How to write effective titles, headings, and meta descriptions
  • The facts around E-A-T and Google
  • How to get SEO working for you

Our goal with this email course is to give you a well-rounded introduction to SEO. Each weekly email is built around the common questions we hear from new and long-standing clients.

We want you to be empowered to make informed decisions about SEO, content, and your digital strategy.

Sign up for the Know Agency 8-Week SEO Basics Course here.

Know Agency SEO, Search, and Digital Strategy Resources

As SEO and digital marketing professionals, we work with a range of businesses, helping them get found and noticed by search engines and customers.

We want you and our clients to know what we know. Get a head start on learning about SEO, keyword research, meta descriptions, and content optimization with these resources:

Do you have questions about our free eight-week SEO basics course? Do you have a question about SEO, your Google search engine results, PPC, or something else?

Email us. We are here for you. Ask us your questions, tell us about your challenges, or want to chat – whatever it is – we’re here for you and we’re listening.

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