Why Work with Know Agency? Learn How We’ve Helped Businesses Like Yours Get Found

Why Work With Know Agency


You want to work with Know Agency because we believe in what we do. We are a team of committed professionals who move mountains for our clients.

SEO. Search. Content. Digital Marketing. Website Taxonomy. SEO Training. Strategy. Analytics.

We are the complete package. The best part is that Know Agency is the ideal size team to be nimble and meet your business needs.

You get to talk to the person working for you and have real conversations about your challenges and what we’ll do to make them go away.

What We Do For Businesses Like Yours

It’s not often that we point the spotlight on ourselves, but a little bit of bragging can go a long way. Plus, it’s kind of fun to shout “Look mom – no hands! Look at the great work we’re doing for our clients!!”

Know Agency clients benefit from an integrated SEO and digital marketing strategy that keeps them at the top of the search engine results. Our clients get technical audits, competitive and keyword analysis, SEO training for content producers, on-page optimization, and content marketing.

Take a look at how we help our clients overcome challenges:

  • All Keywords Are Not Equal
    Our financial technology client’s existing SEO campaign targeted too many keywords and the majority of the website had minimal copy.

    With our SEO and content expertise, the organic search traffic increased by 37% in less than one year. Read the case study.
  • Monetary Value Of Unique Meta Descriptions
    The leading brand in the natural products industry had become complacent with their website results.

    Know Agency audited the site and found opportunities to optimize the on-page SEO. This on-site SEO optimization resulted in a 97% increase in revenue in just one week. Read the case study.
  • Content Is King and So Is Tech
    A technical review of the website for one of the largest global software corporations revealed serious content and technical issues. The SEO value of the blog and website were severely impacted by time out and error codes.

    Along with training employees on SEO best practices we provided technical website recommendations to improve usability and search results. While the company has not followed through with our technical recommendations, the SEO training improve increase in organic search keyword results. Read the case study.
  • Understanding the Value of Backlinks
    Sometimes clients do not understand how and why backlinks are important. To underscore the importance of backlinks we conducted a client test using high quality backlinks for two keywords.

    One keyword received more backlinks than the other to help illustrate the value of backlinks for search results, time on page, revenue, and traffic. As expected, the keyword and page that received the most backlinks experienced the greatest improvement in ranking. Read the case study.
  • Existing Website Needs Optimization
    A client has a microsite that came with an acquisition. This microsite is a compilation of blogs, training, and thought leadership. However, the microsite was never optimized for client search terms.

    We reviewed client keywords and identified opportunities to update the existing content with vetted and approved keywords. Each page was assigned keywords and content was optimized to target these keywords. One month after optimization, the organic traffic increased by 12.22%. Read the case study.

Know Agency Does Digital Marketing Too

Yes, SEO is our focus and where we like to start – but we also have a combined 40+ years of experience in digital marketing. This means we think holistically about your digital marketing and if we can help you – we do.

We engage our network of proven partners to provide you the extra services that take you (and us) above and beyond.

We feel like bragging, so make sure you browse through our collection of digital marketing success stories.

Work with Know Agency

Here’s the honest truth – we are very good at what we do. And this is why we want you to contact us.

Each of us does this work because we thoroughly enjoy it. Each of us brings something different to the table. And together we give you the best in SEO, search, content, digital marketing, and analytics.

Seriously, wouldn’t you like a 97% increase in revenue just one week?

Contact Jane or Kevin to learn how you can benefit from working with Know Agency. We promise, you’ll be glad you reached out.

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