The Truth Behind Being Number One

How to Be #1 on Google


Everyone wants to be number one. There is something special and envious about holding the number one position. This elusive number one position brings with it cachet, power, status, and value. Interesting how so much importance and intensity is tied to being number one. So is this why so many of you want to be number one on the Google search engine result page? Have you been receiving emails from other “marketing” companies that promise a fast and easy rise to the top, securing that elusive number one position?

Perhaps you’ve been doing some Googling yourself and you’ve learned that the number one position in Google search engine results brings with it many deep riches, rewards, and goodies to your company. Well, if you believe this, then we’ve got some great deals for you on bridges in Brooklyn and snow in Canada.

Yes, that’s right, don’t believe everything you read. Even when this content comes wrapped in a smart-looking website that uses an authoritative tone and has lots of big statements to back up its claims of that number one position.

We’re here to tell you this: yes, you can become number one. But this is not going to happen overnight. When done correctly and ethically, you need to use smart digital marketing strategies. Just like it takes time to build your brand and develop your products – the same holds true for your position in the Google search engine results. But, you want results now! Well, we’re not the company for you.

We can tell you that if you trust a company that promises immediate page one and number one results, you will pay a heavy price. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’ll know that Google is smart. Smarter than you and yes, even smarter than us. There is no fooling the Google algorithms and if the shady marketing company you choose to work with does manage to trick Google, this will be temporary and the penalties for this trickery will be huge.

So the question you need to answer is this: do you want to take the smart and strategic approach to number one or do you want to risk everything for overnight success? If you want to use the smart and strategic approach (the right answer), then we want you to contact us to find out how we can work together. Here’s a look into how we’ll work for you to improve your Google search engine results and develop a plan that will get you the results that will work for your benefit.

The Right Keywords

You need to know how your target market is looking for you and your competitors. What terms are being entered in Google and how well do these terms work? Try searching for your company and use the terms that come to mind. What kind of results do you get? Now test your SEO strategy with our free tool and we’ll give you some feedback on what is and isn’t working.

Intelligent Website Design

Yes, there are lots of flashy websites out there. But have you ever tried to find information on these fancy schmancy websites? Exactly, you couldn’t find what you wanted and gave up. Take a hard look at your website and make sure you have these pages: About Us, Contact Us and a Sitemap. Now of course, you need to do more than have these pages – you also need to have useful and real information on these pages… Now, how about your URLs? Are they long and complicated or are they easy to remember and enter into a web browser?

Let’s Get Mobile

Mobile is not a fad. In fact, chances are very high that you’re reading this post on your tablet or smartphone. You need to know and understand the habits of your demographic. How are they reading and searching for your website? If they are using a tablet, then you need a website that works for mobile devices. The view on a mobile device is small and so is the Google search engine results page – size really does matter.

Content Please

We could (and have) written 800 – 1,000 words on the importance of having good content… but we’re not going to do this here. Just know that you need good content. You can’t force the content and hope that it works. Google algorithms are smart (smarter than you and me). You need relevant, well-written content that delivers real information to your website visitors. You need the right kinds of links, you need to use the right kinds of headings, you need to use images intelligently, and you need to have a content plan. Actually, now might be the best time to contact us and ask us for help.

We aren’t going to placate you with big empty promises. We aren’t going to simply tell you what you want to hear. Nope, we’ll take our time and dig deep into your website. We’ll tell you what is working and what is hurting you. We’ll do the analytics, crunch the numbers, learn about your industry and then we’ll tell you how we can help you.

Now, don’t get excited and assume that this means overnight success – no, it means we can give you a smart, sound strategy that will improve your search engine results and with time and patience can help get you to that number one spot. You can be confident that we’re not in the business of selling snow or bridges….

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