The Truth Comes Out About SEO

The Truth Comes Out About SEO


Smokes and mirrors. Funny business. Rabbits out of hats. Guessing game. These are just a few of the misconceptions floating around about SEO. Believe us when we tell you we’ve heard and read it all when it comes to SEO. No wonder so many of you are confused and don’t know how to start, who to trust, and what to do.

All you know is that someone told you or you read somewhere on the Internet that it’s easy to be ranked high in Google search engine results. You’ve tweaked your website, dropped in a few keywords, got on all the social media channels, added images, and wrote some flashy headlines. But still – nothing.

We’re sorry to tell you the hard-cold truth – but you’ve been misled. SEO isn’t easy. SEO isn’t a mystery. Effective SEO that is in it for the long-term takes science, expertise, research, and smarts. This SEO (the only kind we do) is the kind that works and gets result. However, to get these results, you need to ask yourself and your website a few hard questions.

  • What are you doing right?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Where do you want to be?

Stop what you’re doing and answer these questions. Yes, stop reading this blog and put pen to paper – be honest. Think critically. Know what it is you want and how you want to get there.

Interesting isn’t it – these are similar questions that all high-performers ask of themselves. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, and anyone seeking success is constantly reevaluating their path and how they’re moving forward. Same goes for your SEO and your website.

Don’t Ever Be Caught Standing Still

This doesn’t mean we want you to be doing jumping jacks and jogging in the spot when working on your website planning and goals. Rather we want you to be always looking and thinking ahead – the Internet is a moving target. You need to keep up and be ready for the change. The more flexible and pliable you can be with your website wants, needs, and goals – the better.

Now that you’ve answered the hard questions from above. You did answer them, right? If not –  answer the questions and throw in 50 jumping jacks for skipping the first thing we asked you to do. We are good – really good – but we do need some information from you to give you the SEO results you need.

What Are You Doing Right?

Just the fact that you answered these questions proves that you’re on the right track to effective SEO. You’re doing a lot of things right. This is awesome. You’ve got a decent website structure, you’ve got a social media presence, you’ve got an About page, you have a blog, and you’re thinking of a newsletter. These are steps in the right direction to the SEO results you want.

What Is Holding You Back?

So often it’s the things we’re doing almost right that are holding us back. Think about the things you’re doing right and how you could do these a little bit better.

  • Is your website structured the best it could be for effective SEO?
  • How often are you updating your blog? How are you getting your blog content ideas?
  • Are you having conversations on social media or are you simply posting content?
  • When was the last time you updated your About page? Does it still represent the website?
  • How and where are you getting your keywords?

See, small changes with the things you’re already doing right can add up to high SEO performers. It just takes knowing what you’re doing right – and seeing how we can improve on these.

Where Do You Want to Be?

Perhaps the hardest question of them all. We all have goals and dreams. So, put them down on paper. Then work towards them. When you know where you want to be, it makes it easier to build a plan to get you there.

SEO without a goal is like using a GPS without a destination. It’s just not going to work. Tell us where you want to be. Do you want to be ranked high in Google search engine results? Okay, well buckle-up and get ready for an intense and long ride – we’ve got work to do. On the way to this big goal, let’s insert some smaller goals so that we can evaluate our strategy and make sure we’re on the right path.

This is what we can do for you.

Good-Bye Smoke and Mirrors

See what we did here? In just a little over 760 words we managed to take the mystery out of SEO. You’ve got three simple questions that you need to answer. That’s it. We’ll get you on the path to where to you want to be and make sure you tick off your goals.

Leave the hard part up to us – this is, after all what we excel at. You do your thing. We’ll do our thing. Everyone is happy. To get you started, take our SEO strategy test and find out where you stand. It won’t hurt and there are no jumping jacks involved.

We are your trusted SEO and digital marketing partner.



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