SEO Trends in 2018

SEO Trends in 2018


We’re here to predict the future for you. Yes, we’re that good… Okay, okay, we take it back – we can’t 100% predict the future of SEO but we can give you a glimpse into the key SEO trends for 2018. We can do this because – we are very good.

As you know, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO, search engine results, Google, and keywords. However, we can do deep analysis of keywords, user habits, user wants, search engine algorithms. Doing this along with keeping our fingers on the pulse of SEO and digital marketing, gives us a professional understanding of what SEO is in 2018.

Speak Up – Voice is Here

The power of the human voice has taken on new powers in recent months. Today you can talk to your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, and smart speakers. Now, while we don’t recommend full-on conversations, but do what you have to do… Just as you ask your smart devices for help with driving directions, movie times, turning on the lights, and weather updates – soon you’ll be talking to your search engine.

Yes – voice-activated search is coming. What does this mean for you? Don’t panic, you’ve got time to figure things out. However, we don’t recommend you try to do this yourself – you want to do this right. Remember, most people speak and type differently – this means a change in your keywords and SEO strategy. Talk to us and we’ll help you get voice-optimized.

Speed, Speed, Speed

It’s no secret that speed is critical to Google. But now more than ever in 2018, we anticipate speed to be an even more critical factor in how you rank in search engine results. Not only is Google demanding fast-loading pages – so are your readers.

People are busy and they want what they want immediately. Combine this with ever-shortening attention spans – and speed is critical. You need pages that load quickly but are still content-rich. The secret to this is in finding the balance, enabling you to deliver your page in less than 3 seconds and providing useful content. One without the other is not going to work.

Content Still Rules

Google cares about your content – a lot. There is no faking it in 2018 with your website and page content. Cram your pages full of keywords or headlines that make zero sense – and Google will notice. Not only will Google notice, they’ll outright ignore you.

This is how Google works for your users. Your users expect Google to give them the most relevant and on-point information. They expect Google to interpret their search engine queries and give them exactly what they want. Google aims to eliminate frustration and be the ultimate people-pleaser. This is no easy task. It’s because of these expectations that Google expects you to help out and provide good, quality, up-to-date smart content. In other words – you scratch Google’s back and they’ll scratch yours.

Hint: this content can’t be written by just anybody. It takes a thorough understanding of SEO, keywords, language, research, and the ability to make anything interesting. The good news is we have a crack content wizard at KNOW Agency – she is the one you need to help keep Google and your readers happy.

Mobile is Booming

You already know this. It’s plainly obvious that mobile is booming. You might even be reading this article on your mobile device. The key in 2018 is in making sure that your website is completely optimized for mobile. The days of getting by with a website that isn’t thinking mobile are long gone.

We know from reviewing search trends and search engine data that more people are turning to their mobile devices to search. Think of a tourist in your city, the likelihood of them carrying their laptop with them are pretty much zero – instead they have one or mobile devices. They always have their smartphone in their pocket and turn to it to find restaurants, theater listings, and services in your city. Make sure that when they find your business that the page loads quickly and cleanly.

Recent BrightEdge data highlights that brands must be ready for mobile search. Think about this statement form BrightEdge, “If brands do not track and optimized for both device channels, they are likely to misunderstand the opportunities and threats affecting them.”

Artificial Intelligence Power

Remember when RankBrain was new? No one was sure if this AI-powered system could be trusted to serve up search engine results. Flash forward two years later and RankBrain handles every single Google search engine query.

We are living in the age of artificial intelligence. From delivering personalized websites and mobile experiences, to tailoring search engine results to our recent browsing history, to powering our newsfeeds – AI is here to stay.

The key for you is remembering that AI-powered systems are trained to be human. This means, remembering that your goal is to meet the needs of real humans. You can forget about the AI behind the search engine and let us deal with this. Your focus remains on quality content, products, and services that please your users.

KNOW Agency for 2018

The final SEO trend for 2018 – KNOW Agency. To be honest we’re not that trendy or hip – but we are damn good at what we do. We know SEO. We know digital marketing. We know how to get you connected and found with your target demographic. We know the ins and outs of the trends and technologies shaping SEO in 2018 – trust us to keep you trendy and up-to-date.

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