Why Investing In Professional SEO Is Critical

Why Investing In Professional SEO Is Critical


You know your business inside and out. You know what products and services to offer your customers. You know that you are an authority in your niche.

The same goes for people like us who specialize in professional SEO. We know SEO inside and out. We know how to get SEO working to attract your customers, to connect with your customers, and to drive your business forward.

Yes, you can try to do your own SEO. But just like you don’t really recommend people try to do what you do – the same feelings hold true for us and SEO. Yes, you can read our blogs and learn everything you can about SEO and then give it a shot.

However, we want you to know that nine times out of 10, it’s best to trust the professionals with your SEO and digital marketing. This way, you know it’s being done right and it’s one less thing for you to worry about. In other words, by having a professional SEO team like KNOW Agency managing, driving, and overseeing your SEO, digital marketing, and content – you know it’s being done right.

We’ve put together our top 10 list of reasons why investing in professional SEO is critical. Read the list, think about our key messages, share this post with your colleagues, and then contact us when you’re ready to take your SEO to the next level.

  1. Search Engines Matter
    Everyone who you want to reach is online and using a search engine. This is not an exaggeration. With over 2 billion people online performing over 40,000 searches every second – you cannot afford to miss out on this sales and reach opportunity. Real quality professional SEO enables you to stand out in search engine results and to capitalize on the opportunities the search engines are giving you.
  2. “Free” Quality Traffic
    There is an investment involved but there are no additional paid media costs. The traffic that your website gets from professional SEO is the high-quality traffic you’re looking for and it doesn’t go away immediately when you stop investing in ad costs. People are coming to your website based on a search engine result that tells them you have the information, solution, or product they’re looking for. When your SEO is done right, you’re able to easily connect with and help customers.
  3. Organic Traffic Converts
    Because people are coming to your website based on a search engine result that tells them that you’re the expert and have what they need, you’re more likely to convert this traffic. Customers already believe you have their solution, so now you need to give them a quality website with the exact content they’re looking for.
  4. SEO Increases Sales and Leads
    SEO does work. There’s a reason why there are so many companies out there offering SEO services – these smart people know how critical professional SEO is to business success. Remember, there are 3.5 billion searches performed daily. You cannot afford to miss out on this.
  5. No Paid Advertising Required
    When your SEO is based on systematic research, keyword analysis, and website review and includes quality content and social media posts, you’re able to balance your advertising spending. Professional SEO gives you the same benefit at a fraction of the cost expensive digital advertisements. Use the money you don’t spend on costly advertising to invest in other areas of your business.
  6. Decrease Your Cost Per Acquisition
    Based on the ability for quality SEO to reach and connect with your target demographic, the cost per acquisition cannot be beat. The costs of hiring a professional SEO company to manage your SEO and digital presence are no way near the advertising investment required to achieve the same reach.
  7. SEO Works 24/7
    The Internet does not sleep. Your SEO strategy is working for you regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. There are no holidays or sick days for search engines. Know that SEO has got you covered at all times from all angles.
  8. Subject Matter Expert
    One of the keys to standing out online is in being able to establish trust and credibility within your niche. Because people trust the answers that Google gives them, they inherently trust the companies that Google connects them to. The higher you rank in the search engines, the more credible you appear. When the search engine results link takes your customers to a quality page with well-written content that solves their problems, you quickly become recognized as the subject matter expert.
  9. SEO Answers Questions
    People visit search engines because they have questions and problems. Maybe they’re looking for information about planting a garden or where to buy the latest widget – whatever the question or need, they’re primarily asking Google. With real SEO, you can be confident that you’re answering the questions your customers have. This comes down to using a professional SEO company to research your target market, the search history of your demographic, and to identify what problems and questions these people have.
  10. Evergreen Content
    Evergreen content is the content that is always relevant, regardless of the time of year and when it was written. This is the timeless content that search engines rely on to consistently deliver quality search engine results. Your SEO strategy requires evergreen content, it’s the content that continues to deliver results year-after-year and enables you to become a leader and authoritative voice for your customers.

Bonus – Help Your Customers

At the core of every business is the deep driving need to help people. When your SEO is done right, you can easily help new and established customers. They know that you’ve got an easy-to-navigate website, excellent blog content, relevant social media posts, and the products/services they need.

This is what professional SEO enables you to do. You help people. You solve their problems. You answer their questions. You give them what they want and need.

And this is exactly what we do. We make your SEO work for you. You can trust us to help you help your customers.

You deserve to work with a confident, proven, smart, and connected team of SEO professionals. Contact KNOW Agency to learn how you can benefit from professional SEO.

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