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If you know us you know we don’t like to brag (much)… but we thought we’d take this moment to talk a little bit about ourselves. This is our blog so we can do this, but honestly it does feel a bit awkward to be tooting our own horn. Yes, we know it’s okay – but you know how we are – we prefer to let our expert work do the talking and bragging for us.

Did you notice what we did there? We used the word know four times. Our company name – KNOW Agency, was easily and subtly added into the opening paragraph four times. This is just one small example of what we do. We develop excellent content that gets your clients learning, reading, and interested. See you’re still reading so it must be working…

Alright, time to get serious here now and tell you a bit about what we want to do with this blog post. We’re going to take a step back from our educational focus and instead of talking about Penguin 4.0, link building, and SEO good practices, we’re going to tell you more about ourselves and what we do.

Marketing Strategy

You have business goals. You know where you want to be but you might not know the best way to get there. This is what we can do for you. We get to know you and what you really want to achieve. We’ll likely ask you some tricky questions, but this is all just so we can make sure we’re getting to the core and really defining the best way to get you to your business goals.

Our digital marketing expertise means you get the full package when it comes to your marketing strategy. You don’t need to work with multiple agencies to get to one end goal. We have the experience with market research, market definition, planning, and delivering.

We can and will help you meet your business goals by driving online leads and sales using a well-honed approach. Slick campaigns are great but what we want to do is make sure your business wins and succeeds.

Using our deep experience and the best research tools available, we can help you generate more leads, increase conversion, improve your paid search, boost your social media engagement, increase your web traffic, and improve your website.

Digital Services

Yes, television, print, and radio are still relevant but think about what you primarily turn to for your news, sports, and entertainment. More and more, you’re turning on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This is why your digital marketing and advertising programs have to be a priority.

You need a website that is clear, engaging, well-written, provides value, and gives readers a reason to return. You need digital advertising and promotion that is not intrusive or offensive (there is nothing worse than those ads that just seem to keep popping up). You need a complete and cohesive package that gives you the brand awareness, company awareness, product awareness, and customer loyalty. Sure this is a lot to ask, but when you work with skilled people we have at KNOW Agency, you can be confident this is what you’ll get.

To see our words in action, browse our Client Work to get a clear picture of what we can and will do for you.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – great SEO is critical. To develop brand and customer loyalty, you need to be found. If your company is not showing up at the top of the search engine results page, you’re not going to meet your business goals.

We use the best-in-class methodologies, research techniques, and enterprise-level tools to define and deliver your SEO strategy. Using these enterprise-level tools gives the SEO work we do for you an extra edge. Sure you can do your own SEO research and analysis, but you’ll remain stuck where  you are.

Knowing which tools to use. When to use them. How to use them. And most importantly, why to use them. These are the difference makers. This is what do and know. In fact, we’re going to walk our talk and we’ll show you what we do.

Answer a few questions for us and we’ll analyze your SEO opportunities based on your SEO activity and your competitors. You’ll receive a custom emailed report that details the opportunities you should take advantage of to make sure your company is found and heard. We’ll even provide you with bonus information on how to ensure your website and social media content is working hard for you.

Get to KNOW Us

The truth is, we are different from other agencies. We are not focused on our agency. No, we are focused on you. We want to work for you. We work to serve your best interests. You can expect to get a real relationship with real people delivering real results.

Even though we’re not big and flashy, you can be confident that we’re using the best-in-class enterprise-level tools and software. We are not limited on what we can and will use to get the answers and solutions to your marketing, digital and SEO questions. Trust us to do what we KNOW is best for you. We’ll give you a free consultation and give you the chance to get to know us better. Contact Know Agency and we look forward to showing you everything we know we can do for you.

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