How to Write an Email Newsletter that People Open and Read

How to Write an Email Newsletter that People Open and Read


People want to read your email newsletter. This is why they subscribed. The people on your email newsletter list want to connect with you. They value your thoughts and believe that you have something of value to give.

And this is exactly what you need to think about when you sit down to create your email newsletter. Give your readers a newsletter that adds to their day. Don’t waste their time.

Remember, you and I get a lot of email. This means to stand out, your email newsletter has to matter to me. This means you need to know me. You need to know why I subscribed, what I’m interested in, and why your product or service is important to me.

I get it – this sounds overwhelming. How are you supposed to find the time to get to know your subscribers, find out what they want to read, and then write, edit, test, and send your newsletter? It is a big ask.

But I like to believe that you already know your audience – after all, you need to know this information so you can create relevant digital content…. The information that guides your blog content, LinkedIn articles, social media posts, whitepapers, eBooks, etc. is the information you need to remember when you write your email newsletter.

This is what Know Agency does. We do the research. We create a strategy. We write the content. We get SEO working for you. We write the newsletter for you.

In my previous post about the 8 Reasons Why You Need an Email Newsletter, I featured a quote from David Hieatt, the founder of the Do Lectures and author of Do/Open/How a simple email newsletter can transform your business.

“…newsletters are one of the most cost-effective ways of talking to your customer that business can ever have. But only when done right. With skill, with a strategy, with a methodology, they become one of the most effective instruments in your digital toolbox. They build community. They build your brand. And they relentlessly build long-term growth.”

As you create your email newsletter, ask yourself why you’re writing what you’re writing. Does it make sense? Is it relevant? Would I want to read it? Who do you want to open and read your newsletter?

Be Personal

Just because someone has subscribed to your email newsletter, doesn’t mean they will open and read it. Getting subscribers is the easiest part. Getting people to read is not so easy.

The subject line needs to connect and matter to your readers. Give a hint at what they’ll get from your newsletter. Give them a reason to choose your newsletter over the others begging for attention in their inbox.

If you can, be on a first-name basis. I always click emails that say something like, Jane, this email newsletter was written just for you. I get a warm fuzzy feeling that makes me feel good about the company and I’m more likely to click the links and even buy something.

Be Relevant

On our email newsletter signup page, we say: Sign up for our regular updates on the SEO and digital marketing industry. We also like to share what’s inspiring the team that, hopefully, you’ll find valuable for inspiration too.

Immediately, you know what you’re going to get from the Know Agency newsletter. Content that is specific to the people who visit our website and work with us. We know SEO, digital marketing, and content – so this is what the Know Agency newsletter focuses on.

Stick to what you do well and give this to your readers. The first line of your email newsletter is the most important line (after your subject line). It gets people reading and keeps them curious.

And please, make sure you give your readers more than a sale pitch – give them content that is relevant and has value – this is what makes you stand out and be remembered.

Be Consistent

Surprises are great. But if you tell your readers that your newsletter will arrive every Friday at noon – make sure it arrives every Friday at noon.

Because you’re giving engaging, relevant, and interesting content, your readers will look forward to receiving your newsletter. If you’re late or miss a week, your newsletter very quickly becomes easy to miss when it does arrive.

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters and I generally know when each one will arrive in my inbox. I look forward to these newsletters because they give me consistent value that adds to my day.

Be Ready

Don’t rush into your email newsletter. This is not something you can simply whip up in 30 minutes. You need to give your email newsletter the same care and attention that you give to all of your digital content.

After all, your newsletter represents your company, brand, product, and voice. Give yourself the time to write great newsletter content that compels your readers to share it with their colleagues and friends. And if you don’t have the time or expertise to write a newsletter, get Know Agency do it for you.

Write and share content that matters to your audience.  Do not skip or rush editing and testing your newsletter. Test your newsletter on different browsers and mobile devices. Make sure the image has alt text. Think about how much time people have to read and how they’re reading.

Inbox real estate is tight – don’t send out an email newsletter until you know it’s ready.

Be Excited

Your readers are smart. They can tell when you’re just going through the motions. They know when you’re just doing something because the statistics and research tell you it’s a good idea. Don’t be that company.

Send out an email newsletter that you feel proud about. Send out an email newsletter that you want to read and share with your colleagues and friends. When you do this, your readers will connect with you.

Show that you care about your readers and they’ll return the favor. So, get excited about your email newsletter. Brainstorm ideas. Think about the design. Look for interesting images. Collect links to content that makes you laugh, think, and take action. Give all of this to your readers and your newsletter will be opened and read.

Here are some examples of newsletter that get the Know Agency team excited:

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Know Agency newsletter.

Tell us what you think about our newsletter – there is nothing better than constructive feedback. Thank you for subscribing, opening, and reading – we appreciate it.

About the author
Jane Phelps is the CEO/Partner at Know Agency. Jane is the main point of contact for our clients and handles all aspects of in-house SEO demands. This includes providing SEO training, competitive analysis, keyword research, algorithm analysis, and the review of all new content to ensure SEO best-practices are followed. Jane holds a Master’s Certificate in Online Marketing from the University of San Francisco, is BrightEdge Certified and is the head of the BrightEdge User Group in Atlanta, GA.

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