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Learning About Social Media Engagement

Let’s Get Social: Learning About Social Media Engagement

Think about that last Tweet or Facebook post you made. How many times did you check to see the number of likes, comments, or retweets it got? In our highly digitized society, it’s amazing how seeing a thumbs up on a post can make us feel valued.

This all comes down to the very nature of social media – the social aspect – engaging, responding, chatting, and showing interest. You like to know that your posts are resonating with your followers and you like to do the same with the brands and people you follow.

This social media engagement establishes a connection with the brands, companies, celebrities, colleagues, and friends you follow on social media. After a while, you feel like you know the people and brands you follow – simply because you like, comment, and subscribe to their social media channels. Read more

Learning About Social Listening

Let’s Get Social: Learning About Social Listening

Social media. Remember when Twitter was brand new and no one had even thought of Instagram or social listening? Well, times have changed and now everyone is active on social media.

Social media is not just for tweens and millennials. Social media is the place where your customers are going for brand reviews, to discover new brands, and to post their feedback about you and your competitors.

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIN, Google+, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or other social sites – they all matter to your online reputation and digital presence. And because they matter, these social media sites require a strategy.   Read more

Have You Read the Latest From the Know Agency Digital Marketing Blog?

Have You Read the Latest From the Know Agency Blog?

We really hope that you can answer yes and that you have read the latest from the Know Agency blog.

Not to brag too much but, our blog is the blog you need to read to learn about SEO, content, and digital marketing. We look under the covers for the real information you need to understand SEO and why what we do matters to the success of your business.

We do admit though, that sometimes we go pretty deep and even our brains hurt. This is why we put together this highlight reel of the Know Agency blog posts that we really want you to read. Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Does It All Mean For Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Does It All Mean For Marketing?

You launch Netflix and bingo there is a list of curated movies and television shows that you’re immediately interested in. You open Facebook and wham you see news articles that reflect your opinions and beliefs. You visit your favorite cooking website and zing you see ads for the cookbooks you just added to your Amazon wish list.

Wow, the Internet is so smart. It seems to know exactly what you want when you want it. This is truly impressive. You assume this must all be thanks to that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) you’ve heard about. Well, yes, in part it’s thanks to our friends AI and ML, but this smart Internet is a still dependent on humans.

Humans, like us at Know Agency who do the research, analysis, content creation, and creative work. AI and ML are making a huge difference in what the Internet knows and doesn’t know about your likes, dislikes, habits, wants, and recent spending spree – but the Internet still needs humans to make it all come together. Read more

The Latest in SEO and Digital Marketing

The Latest in SEO and Digital Marketing

It’s not easy staying up-to-date with the changing whirlwind of SEO and digital marketing. A quick Google search gives you pages and pages of articles all claiming to have insight on the latest trends in SEO and digital marketing.

You don’t have the time or patience for this. And frankly, neither do we. So, to close off the month of March, we’ve put together a quick hit list of what we believe is the latest and greatest in SEO and digital marketing. We’re not straying into hyperbole about Facebook or Cambridge Analytica – no we focus purely on what is making a difference in how we are (and you should be) approaching SEO and digital marketing.

Of course, we want you to remember that you don’t need to be an SEO or digital marketing expert. This is what we do and why we’re here for you. We just want you to understand what is going on out there on that giant Internet and why it matters. Read more