Increasing Brand Awareness for a Global Packaging Company

A technical audit revealed serious technical and SEO issues were pushing rankings very low for a globally recognized packaging company. A subsequent content audit highlighted a lack of high-quality technical content which was limiting trust within this technical and scientific industry.


Our client, a global packaging company asked us to increase search engine visibility and website traffic to improve brand awareness.


Understanding why this long-standing and well-respected company was struggling with website traffic, search engine results visibility, and brand awareness outside of its niche industry.

Our first step was a technical website audit. This revealed the website was riddled with SEO issues preventing the site from ranking well on search engine results pages. While it had the products and reputation it did not have a digital presence to support its position in the packaging industry.

A content audit emphasized a lack of detailed and technical content across the entire website. When coupled with a lack of attention to keywords and search intent, this pushed the website down very low in the search engine results.

A major barrier for our client is the complex and technical nature of its industry and the level of scientific expertise of their customers. This placed limits on who could write expert product, thought leadership, and marketing content for the website.


Our first priority was fixing the underlying technical SEO issues. Once these were addressed, we moved on to content, keywords, and search intent.

Working with our in-house SEO team, our lead content writer created a content calendar based on our competitive keyword analysis. Upon approval of the content calendar, our content writer worked with the company’s marketing team to understand the brand message, voice, and tone.

Fortunately, our content writer has a deep background in technical writing and was able to quickly get up-to-speed with the company’s niche industry. We delivered a range of content for the website including new and updated web pages and blogs focused on meeting search intent, thought leadership, and addressing keyword gaps.


The company quickly saw its search engine results page rankings improve – winning multiple above-the-fold rankings in position zero and featured snippets.

The chart below shows the upward progression of keyword rankings since we started with this client. Resolving SEO errors, running monthly audits, regularly publishing quality content, and internally linking content were the driving forces behind the dramatic increase in keyword rankings.

Organic Keywords

January 2022January 2023

The site increased year-over-year total keyword rankings by 33% in January 2023.

Year-over-year keyword rankings in the top 10 positions increased 89%.

YoY Rankings

Total Organic KeywordsAlong with the increase in keyword rankings, the site experienced significant traffic growth month-over-month and year-over-year as shown below.

Keyword RankingsGoogle Analytics – Organic Search Traffic

Organic search sessions from all sources (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) increased 23.61% year-over-year and new users increased 36.33%.

The year-over-year percentage increase of new sessions (10.29%) over total sessions (23.61%) indicates many users came back to the site multiple times.

YoY Percentage IncreaseGoogle Search Console – Clicks and Impressions

Search Console ImprovementsJanuary 2022 to January 2023 – total clicks to the site increased 34% and impressions increased 52%.

We continue to work with this global packaging company managing their content and SEO strategies as they build and roll-out a new website.

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