Maximizing New Digital Marketing Channels for a Global Ingredient Provider

Due to the pandemic, a global ingredient supplier lost their primary marketing opportunities and strategies. We used a targeted paid search strategy to drive conversions and win new qualified prospects.


As a result of the pandemic and the shutdown of in-person events, this global ingredient supplier had lost their primary marketing opportunities and strategies. This client needed new channels to drive registrations for their services and sales.


Prior to the pandemic, this ingredient supplier relied on in-person events to market, connect, and communicate with their target audience. With the closure of in-person events, this company was scrambling to understand how to reposition itself online.

We completed a competitive analysis, demographic research, and search intent analysis to understand what their customers wanted, needed, and were asking questions about. We learned about the types of content and keywords that resonate and how this converts to sales and registrations.


We determined that a targeted paid search strategy was the most cost-effective approach to win new qualified prospects.

To develop this strategy, we did a competitive analysis to understand who the company’s competitors are in paid search and reviewed the terms their competitors were targeting. We then conducted tests of different categories and types of paid search terms, keywords, and ad language.

By focusing on non-branded search terms, we targeted potential customers and lapsed customers searching for an ingredient resource. This strategy also allows us to focus on search intent that indicated a high conversion rate and improved new customer engagement.


After just one year of paid search optimization, we doubled the total number of prospects for this ingredient supplier. The paid search campaign delivered a 50% increase in online registrations.

As a result, this global ingredient supplier has changed their sales and marketing model to maximize the digital channel. The company has restructured their internal team to better take advantage of digital marketing channels.

We continue to partner with them for paid search marketing, digital marketing support, and ongoing education.

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