Paid Search Strategies to Increase New Customer Awareness and Sales

A luxury flower company with a regional presence in the Northeast wanted to gain new customer sales from their paid search campaign.


This luxury flower company had an existing paid search campaign with another agency, that was performing well. Unfortunately, this agency was not sharing search data or insights with the customer about new customer sales.


An existing paid search campaign was performing well. However, the client wanted to focus on gaining new customers from paid search. They were concerned that the search campaigns, while performing well, were benefitting more from return customers.

The major barrier for this company was the lack of transparency from the agency running their paid search campaign. This agency was unwilling to share paid search data and insights about who was clicking the ads.

We were asked to provide a paid search campaign targeted at driving new customer sales and awareness. Because we are always fully transparent with our clients, telling them what is and isn’t working with their paid search, SEO, and content strategies, we quickly gained the trust of this luxury flower company.


Our audit of the company’s existing paid search campaign revealed multiple opportunities for us to improve and expand non-brand campaigns to target new customer sales.

Our strategy for the first year of partnership was in implementing and optimizing the existing campaigns to focus solely on new customer awareness and sales.


After just 1 year working with this luxury flower company our paid search strategy increased new customer sales by over 60% with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 8%.

This new and improved paid search campaign is delivering more new customers to our client with a better return on investment. We continue to work with this luxury flower company, refining their paid search campaigns based on key holiday and seasonality sales cycles and with the continued focus of building brand awareness and new customer sales.

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