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SEO Basics: 10 Keys to SEO and Getting Found

Back to SEO Basics: 10 Keys to SEO and Getting Found

Focus on the basics of SEO so you get found, ranked, and clicked

The fundamentals and basics matter. And when it comes to SEO, we want you to step back and make sure you’re doing the basics right.

Think back to how you learned how to ride a bike. You started with a balance bike, learning how balance works and then after a few spills and thrills moved on to a two-wheeler. SEO is the same.

You need to start with SEO basics – keywords, internal links, search intent, clean layout, quality content, and a secure and fast website. When you get this right and your content starts ranking well in search engines, you can move onto advanced SEO techniques and trends.

If you take away one thing from this blog it’s this: the basics of SEO are essential to getting found, ranked, clicked, read, and shared.

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