Focusing on Content Best Practices to Improve SEO Value for a Technology Company

A technical website review for a global tech company revealed serious content and technical errors. Optimizing content, SEO, and keyword best practices resulted in a spike in blog traffic.


Understand why this global technology company was lagging in search results and not getting traffic to its blog.


While the website for this global technology company looked good, the design had numerous technical issues and the blog lacked SEO best practices.

We completed a thorough technical audit, identifying a range of technical issues including time out and error codes. A content audit of the blog revealed the blogs were missing keywords, title tags, headlines, ALT tags, meta descriptions, and more.


We started with identifying the keyword opportunities that gave this technology company a competitive advantage over other companies in their domain.

Our next steps included:

  • Writing new blogs that prioritized high-quality keyword-optimized content.
  • Refreshing and updating blogs to include keywords, titles, meta descriptions, headings, and more.
  • Content and SEO best practices training for the company’s writing and marketing team.


The updates to the blog and new content written by Know Agency resulted in an increase in performance, traffic, and keyword ranking.

Unfortunately, the company was acquired before we could complete all of the technical website issues.

However, content quality, attention to keywords and search intent, and adhering to SEO best practices does pay off.

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