Understanding SEO - Back to Basics

Understanding SEO – Back to Basics

It’s a well-known fact that to truly succeed in business, sport, and life you need to think of the basics. The basics or the fundamentals lay the foundation for the real success of your website and online presence. Just as Vince Lombardi famously said, “This is football,” and went on to become one of the most winningest football coaches of all time, we want you to experience the same success with your online presence. Start the new year with understanding SEO.

And for us, this comes down to the fundamentals. One of the most overlooked fundamentals of your website and online presence is search engine optimization (SEO). Without well-planned and executed SEO, your website and online presence has very slim chances of success. In other words, SEO directly impacts the longevity and success of your business.

Just as Lombardi proved that without sound basic football skills the more complicated and spectacular plays aren’t possible – the same holds true for your online presence. Good SEO is the foundation and from it comes, search engine rankings, online sales, article linking, and a successful business life. Read more

What Is Your SEO Strategy?

Before Your Brand Can Heard Your Brand Must Be Found (with a Strong SEO Strategy)

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. That translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide and growing. Whether or not and how you show up are harder and more important than ever.

The foundation begins with a strong SEO strategy, understanding your target audience and what they are searching for during the moments of their customer journey. Google refers to these moments as micro-moments. Read more

Digital Marketing and Advertising Tips for 2017

It’s quickly coming to the end of the year. As you finish up your plans for this year and begin to plan parties with co-workers, friends and family, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for 2017 (if you haven’t already). To help you create or finalize your plan, here are 15 tips and ideas when creating your digital marketing and advertising plans for 2017. Read more

Know Your Digital Marketing – 02.26

It’s been a busy week in the digital world with big changes from Google and Facebook. We’ll keep our intro short and get right to what’s happening.

Leading off, Google changed how they are displaying paid search ads. As of February 19th, Google is no longer displaying the right hand paid search ads for desktop searches. Other than leaving some pages looking a little plain and empty, this could be affecting your paid search campaign. Make sure whomever is managing your paid search campaign is keeping a close eye on how this may change your results and developing a strategy to address if needed. The most obvious effect will be to potentially make competitive keywords even more so as advertisers jockey for the top 4 positions to ensure they are seen on the first search engine results page (SERP). Interested in the details? ClickZ and Search Engine Watch both have additional information on this update. Read more

Know Your Digital Marketing – 02.19

We’ve got a great collection of content for your review. We know you’re busy. We’ve taken the time to call out the best articles we’ve come across during the past week.

If your brand is going to be effective in social media, your goal is to find and target crowdcultures. Stop chasing trends and look for novel ideas that are coming out of crowdcultures to assert a point of view that stands out among the trends. The article is longer but has some great examples. Stick with it.

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