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Congratulations you made it through Valentine’s Day. You survived the gushy Facebook posts, the lovey Instagram photos, the heart emojis, and ate all the cinnamon heart candies. So what’s the deal with this big overhyped marketing day? Frankly, it gives you something to look forward to in what can be a dreary month.

Kind of like that feeling when you open your RSS reader or email and discover a new blog post from your favorite writer, brand, product, or famous person. Your heart does a little flip and you can’t wait to read what your favorite blogger has to say about SEO, cooking, fly fishing, or digital marketing. Name a brand, product, service, or topic and there are multiple blogs to choose from.

Some of these blogs are truly outstanding, featuring a keen sense of style and confidence, clean writing, and just the right tone that keeps you wanting more. So, how does your blog compare? Wait – you do have a blog on your company website – right? You do know that your potential customers, partners, investors, and fans expect you to have a blog. Read more

Digital Marketing Acronyms Explained

Digital Marketing Acronyms Explained

To say we love digital marketing would be an understatement. We live, breathe, and think digital marketing. However, we do have one beef with our industry – the acronyms. LOL there are so many acronyms we often find ourselves ROTFL.

We want to help ourselves by helping you – the more you understand about digital marketing, search engine optimization, page conversions, and social media marketing – the better off we’ll all be. When we’re all talking the same language, it’s easier for us to explain to you what we can do for you and it’s easier for you to ask questions about how we do our job for you.

Let’s get to it and dig into the common and not-so-common acronyms you’re likely to hear and read. Now, we promise the first time we meet or chat, we’ll do our best to the keep the acronyms to the minimum and please do stop us to get the explanations that you need. Read more

SEO Trends in 2018

SEO Trends in 2018

We’re here to predict the future for you. Yes, we’re that good… Okay, okay, we take it back – we can’t 100% predict the future of SEO but we can give you a glimpse into the key SEO trends for 2018. We can do this because – we are very good.

As you know, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO, search engine results, Google, and keywords. However, we can do deep analysis of keywords, user habits, user wants, search engine algorithms. Doing this along with keeping our fingers on the pulse of SEO and digital marketing, gives us a professional understanding of what SEO is in 2018. Read more

How to Implement Hreflang

Let’s Talk Hreflang

You’ve got a really sharp website. The content is perfect. The graphics are magic. The headings, pages, and sitemap are all up to snuff.  The blog is updated regularly. The social media marketing is ticking along. You’ve localized the content and have websites for multiple countries. Problem is, no one is visiting.

It doesn’t make sense – you’re following all the SEO best practice that you’ve read about. You worked hard on the website, and even though you’re not an SEO or digital marketing expert – you feel like you’ve ticked all the boxes. Hmm, must be a problem with Google – it can’t be something you’ve done – or could it? Read more

The Truth Comes Out About SEO

The Truth Comes Out About SEO

Smokes and mirrors. Funny business. Rabbits out of hats. Guessing game. These are just a few of the misconceptions floating around about SEO. Believe us when we tell you we’ve heard and read it all when it comes to SEO. No wonder so many of you are confused and don’t know how to start, who to trust, and what to do.

All you know is that someone told you or you read somewhere on the Internet that it’s easy to be ranked high in Google search engine results. You’ve tweaked your website, dropped in a few keywords, got on all the social media channels, added images, and wrote some flashy headlines. But still – nothing.

We’re sorry to tell you the hard-cold truth – but you’ve been misled. SEO isn’t easy. SEO isn’t a mystery. Effective SEO that is in it for the long-term takes science, expertise, research, and smarts. This SEO (the only kind we do) is the kind that works and gets result. However, to get these results, you need to ask yourself and your website a few hard questions.

  • What are you doing right?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Where do you want to be?

Read more