BrightEdge Smart Content

Smart Content is Your Game-Changer

Content is fuel for the marketing fire – without content you’ll definitely stay lost. However, not just any content is going to work for you. You need Smart Content – this content is the game-changer for your content marketing strategy.

Smart Content works for you, getting you found, clicked, read, linked to, and shared. Now, this Smart Content is not like your regular run-of-the-mill content – no – this content stands out and meshes with how your users are using the Internet.

Gone are the days when your readers had one news site to rely on or only a handful of websites to get the information they need. Now, readers are struggling to find the relevant information (your information) while battling push notifications, outdated news feeds, spam emails, too many newsletter subscriptions, and constant mobile notifications.

The challenge for you is in how to give your readers what they want and need. This is where Smart Content is your differentiator. Take control of your content marketing performance and get your content working for you and your readers.

Read on to get answers to these key Smart Content questions: What is Smart Content? and How do you make content smart?

Digging into Smart Content

BrightEdge is the pioneer and leader in Smart Content, so it only makes sense to use their definition of Smart Content:

Smart Content blends the best of search marketing, artificial intelligence, and content marketing to power the development, activation, and optimization of high-performing content. It is the heart of modern marketing and will fuel modern marketing. Without it, digital marketers will fall behind their competition, lose connectivity with their customers, and ultimately fail in the post-mobile world.

This content works for you and your readers by using organic search to find out what your readers want and need and then delivers the content in the most applicable format. Using the right tools and approach, content marketers deliver self-aware and self-adjusting content – making it possible to get your content working for you again.

Smart Content does this with some unique abilities:

  • On target. Gives the reader exactly what they want. Puts an end to the dribble and gets to the point.
  • Search engine optimized. Get found, be visible, and be read. Stand-out from the rest.
  • Always ready. Be adaptive, dynamic, and relevant for your busy and always on readers.
  • Seamless integration. The same message and voice across all devices and technologies for a cohesive marketing plan.
  • Works for you. When you engage and delight, your readers are excited to take the next step. Yes, Smart Content is profitable and good for your bottom-line.

We don’t want to be over-the-top here with how much we believe in Smart Content – but it’s hard to contain our excitement. We want you to know what we know about this difference-maker –  it’s only going to make your job that much more enjoyable and rewarding. And who doesn’t want this?

Getting to the Point – Creating Smart Content

There are no half-measures or tricks to creating Smart Content. Creating this key content comes down to using the best in organic search strategies and the best in content marketing. To do this you need the best working for you (hint hint – contact us and let’s talk).

Organic search is key in giving your readers what they want. With the insights that organic search gives us about what your readers are looking for and how they’re searching, we’re able to serve the exact content they need.

This is the magic of smart SEO and content marketing coming together. Knowing what readers want, how they’re looking for it and then creating the Smart Content that does exactly this. This content can’t happen overnight or by luck – it takes using the right tools that give you the real insights and information to take action and make real change.

Reap the Rewards of Smart Content

Your success is our success. We want you to benefit from Smart Content just as we benefit. Take action today and contact us to learn how your content can empower your content marketing plan:

  • Stop Competitive Threats
  • Find Opportunities with Weak Competition
  • Appear in Quick Answers
  • Take Advantage of Local Demand
  • Focus on Top Value Content

You can’t afford to ignore the opportunities Smart Content can and will give you. You need it. Your readers need it. Your content marketing plan needs it. Get what you need so you can give your readers what they need.