Know Your Digital Marketing – Rekindle Your Love for Super Mario Bros

It’s a been a rough week following the latest events in the news. We hope this list will help get your mind focused on something else. We think you’ll find the posts interesting and thought provoking.

We’ll ease you into it though. Did you know that artificial intelligence researchers love Super Mario Bros? Maybe not as much as we did when we were kids but they do love it. It’s not what you think. It’s actually for the same reasons we all used to play the game. (Header image courtesy of

Do you wonder what topics are hot in your field? Well, Google has you covered. If you haven’t visited already, it’s worth your time. You can get a feel for what is resonating and what your customers/prospects are interested in.

Like you, we’re big fans of using landing pages for our offline and online campaigns. Typically, they include a form. We like the ability to control the user experience and test, test, test. Here are 8 great tips to consider when designing your next web form (on a landing page or not).

Finally, for some great content in easy to consume video form, we recommend Behind The Brand. The content is always worthwhile. You can check out their videos here at

Happy Friday,
The Know Team