Social Media Planning for 2016

How’s Your Social Media Working?

We get it. We’ve worked with a lot of clients (some big, some small) on their social media strategies. It is not easy. Social media requires more than a few posts and a few responses to customer questions. Your customers and prospects are looking for more. They want content that provides value and they want you to engage with them on social when they have a question or concern. That engagement needs to be in a hurry. It can’t wait until tomorrow or the next day.

That’s where planning and resourcing come into play. We help our clients create a content calendar that outlines social content creation and distribution. It’s designed to help businesses orchestrate all of their marketing and advertising initiatives to get the biggest bang for the buck. Resourcing is also a key topic. The right individuals need to have the right roles — especially those tasked with reading and responding to customer and prospect posts. We’ve all seen what happens when that role is not staffed correctly.

As you look back on 2015 and plan for 2016, we’ve put together a list of links that will help you with your planning process. Here they are:

While not exhaustive, we think this is a great start. If you get through this list and want more information, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re happy to provide additional content and answer any question you may have.


The Know Team