Happy Holidays from Know

It’s that time of year. The company Holiday Party has probably come and gone. You’re head is busy with plans to see family and friends. Everything at work slows down a bit (although you’ve still got plenty on your project lists).

While you use the time to catch up, here are some great posts that we believe you’ll find interesting and helpful as you plan for next year.

If the statistics are correct, most companies are still working on getting social media right. The Guardian put together a list of five brands that got social media right this year.

Taking direction from the examples from above, this list of social media trends for 2016 will help you plan for next year.

We agree wholeheartedly with this article. There’s no substitute for sitting down with your customers and prospects to truly understand their problems. Make it a point to get out among your customers and prospects in 2016.

We are in love with the idea of controlling the physical world with digital tools and can’t wait to be driven around in a self driving car. That’s why we love the Reality Editor. It proposes to let us control physical objects by pointing the camera on your phone at it and manipulating with the app. We can’t wait to test.

Last, make sure you understand the lifetime value of your customers.

Look forward to hearing from you in the New Year!

The Know Team