Digital Marketing and Advertising Tips for 2017

It’s quickly coming to the end of the year. As you finish up your plans for this year and begin to plan parties with co-workers, friends and family, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for 2017 (if you haven’t already). To help you create or finalize your plan, here are 15 tips and ideas when creating your digital marketing and advertising plans for 2017.

  1. Take Stock
    Review your digital marketing activity from 2016 so far. Find the activity that worked. What should you continue, what needs improvement and what was missing.
  2. What’s Your Budget?
    Establish your budgets for awareness and consideration versus direct response. For direct response, start by determining the value of a lead and a sale to your business. Use these numbers to drive your budget.
  3. Define Your Target Prospect and Existing Customer
    If you asked your team to describe your most valuable customers, how do you think they’d respond? Be sure to define and personalize your target audience. It’s important to have a standard language for your customer that can be used among your team members.
  4. Map It Out
    Create a calendar of your planned digital marketing and advertising activity for the year. Get the most value from your events and campaigns by making them work in concert where it makes sense. Also, be sure to plan for the ups and downs of the seasonality of your business.
  5. SEO SEO SEO – It All Starts with SEO
    Over 80% of people turn to search in moments of need. Are your digital properties (websites, etc.) and social channels optimized to show up in their searches? Be sure your content is answering their questions.
  6. Content Marketing

    More and more content is being created and published. Create a plan for providing valuable content to your prospects and current customers. Quality trumps quantity. Given all the social channels available, content can take many forms. Determine where you can add value, the best channels and the best format or formats for the content you publish.
  7. Email Marketing

    Email continues to be one of the best performing channels. If you are already using email, make it a point to ensure your list is clean, build your list organically and take advantage of coordinating email and social publishing for expanded reach. If you aren’t using email, put it at the top of your list for 2017.
  8. Mobile

    Review your web properties to ensure the content is optimized for mobile and provides a great experience for mobile users. Speed is a key factor. If you haven’t already, plan to AMP your website.
  9. Small Data
    Big data is the popular buzzword but small data is where you can find your biggest opportunities. Make your data right-sized. Capture and report on the data that is most valuable to your business.
  10. Competitive analysis

    What is the competition up to? Keep on top of what others in your industry and comparative industries are doing. What’s working? Here is a list of tools to help your competitive research.
  11. What is your moment of delight?
    Your prospects and customers have high expectations. To stand above the crowd, look for places to surprise and delight your them. It will make your customers fans for life and give those inclined the type of content they like to share socially.
  12. Social advertising

    Social media can still be valuable for building awareness and sales. Paid advertising on social channels will ensure your message is seen and drive increased engagement.
  13. Retargeting

    Make the most of your media budgets and email list. Target prospects that have had contact with your brand.
  14. Dashboards

    Quantitative and qualitative reporting are important. Review and update your regular dashboards to refine and optimize to report on the key performance indicators you want to see regularly. Make your numbers actionable.
  15. Last. Don’t play hard to get.

    Be sure that all of your marketing includes easy to find ways to contact you. Also, make sure you are taking advantage of all the different communication channels — phone, text, chat, social and email.

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