A Long Time Ago… (It’s not the new Star Wars trailer but we think you’ll like it.)

Although if we did have access to a new Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens preview, we surely post it here. Our subject is a reference to our last post. We have to admit. We’ve done exactly what we tell our clients not to do.

It has been at the good fortune of our clients. While we haven’t been thinking about Know Agency and our content sharing, we have been creating some great work for our clients. That work has been recently added to the website and you can see what we’ve been up to here.

To get us back up to speed, we thought we’d share some of the articles that have come out in the past few months that we like. Here are some of the things we’re referring to while helping our clients create and oversee their roadmaps for this year and beyond.

We work a lot with nutrition brands and products and, to start, we found a great piece. In this article from NIE, Suzanne Shelton makes some great points about how and why to get your science marketing ducks in order. Great thoughts as you start to plan for 2016.

We agree with this statement whole-heartedly, “What advertising needs now is a holistic strategy, to allocate effort and investment appropriately among roster agencies and beyond, without bias towards a predetermined set of solutions.” Read the complete article here:

The wisdom of crowds is important but so is surprise. Our goal as we provide these curated articles will be to “stray from the herd” and, hopefully, provide surprise and delight you in the process. Thoughts from David Byrne (yes that one) on curation:

Is web design dead? We don’t think so but this take on focusing on user experience and service makes some great points. Are your websites and apps providing the best user experience for your customers and prospects?

Digital is requiring that all brands become better story tellers. Be sure your teams are communicating to create a story for your brand that has continuity and passion.

If you’re like Know, you’ve been working hard and haven’t had time to plan your costume for Halloween. Never fear (see what we did there?). Here are 9 memes that will make for great last-minute costumes.

We know there is a lot of great content out there that you don’t have the time to find and read. Therefore, we plan to continue providing a weekly list of content we think will be of value to you. If you’d like to be notified as the posts go live, please sign up for our email. (what should we call it?) (link to email sign up – I’ll add to site).

Happy Halloween,