Have You Read the Latest From the Know Agency Digital Marketing Blog?

Have You Read the Latest From the Know Agency Blog?

We really hope that you can answer yes and that you have read the latest from the Know Agency blog.

Not to brag too much but, our blog is the blog you need to read to learn about SEO, content, and digital marketing. We look under the covers for the real information you need to understand SEO and why what we do matters to the success of your business.

We do admit though, that sometimes we go pretty deep and even our brains hurt. This is why we put together this highlight reel of the Know Agency blog posts that we really want you to read.

You’re busy – we get this (so are we). So, read our blog summaries and when you have the time, click the links and read the entire post. We’re just a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

You are who we want to help. You are who we write these blog posts for. You can ask us anything (okay, almost anything) and we’ll tell you what we know about SEO, content, digital marketing, the Internet, and why the sky is blue.

What is Website Taxonomy?

Wow, you sure gave us a lot of feedback on this one. This post about how website content is classified, organized, connected, and related definitely got a lot of you thinking about your website structure.

You need to know that good website taxonomy presents content to your users and search engines in a structure that makes it accessible, findable, and purposeful. This is very important, since you need your users and search engines to be able to easily navigate your website.

To dig a bit deeper into website taxonomy, it’s important that you structure your content so that related content is connected, making it easier for users and search engines to find relevant information.

In our blog post about website taxonomy, you’ll learn about the four common types of website taxonomy, how website taxonomy and SEO are connected, and how we work with you to get your website taxonomy right. We agree – very important stuff. Go read the full blog to get your questions about website taxonomy answered. You won’t regret it.

What is SEO?

Everyone wants to know what SEO is – and this makes us very happy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the specialized approach that supports your website in standing out from the rest of the crowd.

There’s a time for blending in and a time for standing out, and when it comes to your website – you always want to be standing out. The right SEO components and strategy can help your website rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (you really want this).

SEO is more than about keywords. Effective professional SEO includes page formatting, website layout (taxonomy), content structure, links, image tags, and more. It’s kind of amazing what SEO can do for your website and digital presence.

Now, we’ve made SEO sound pretty simple here. Yes, you can thank us for this later. To learn more about SEO and to read the not-so-simple definition of what SEO is, read our blog post. After reading What is SEO?, you’ll understand what search engines want and what you need to do to make the search engines happy. Hint: you need to contact us. SEO is what we do and we’re really good at it.

How to Use Content to Differentiate Your Brand

To differentiate your brand, you need to use good content. This content needs to resonate with your customers. Your customers need to feel a connection to your brand and products through your content.

When done right, your content gives your customers the warm-and-fuzzy feelings they need to feel good about supporting your brand. This is how you use content to differentiate your brand.

However, this good content isn’t just any plain old content. To differentiate your brand, you need to take advantage of user-generated content. Don’t freak out here, user-generated content is happening all around you, you likely even use it and just don’t know it.

User-generated content is any content created or generated by your users. Think of product reviews, comments on blog posts, responses to email newsletters, social media posts, photos and video showing the user with your brand.

We know what you’re thinking – but how do I use this user-generated content to make my brand stand-out? To learn more, you’ve got to read our blot post… Hint: you need to know what resonates with your users and then build a digital marketing campaign that allows you to connect with them.

Not simple. But not super-complicated. You can skip the reading if you want and contact us to get us looking at your brand, your content, and how you can take advantage of user-generated content.

Which Vertical Search Engines Matter?

Vertical search is all about thinking about narrow and niche-based information. There are search engines – vertical search engines – that allow you to search for information relevant to your niche.

Think of your primary industry and then drill down into your niche within this industry. This is how narrow you can go with vertical search. Chances are very high that your customers are using vertical search engines to find you and your competitors.

Bingo, exactly why you need to know what vertical search engines and vertical SEO are all about. We’ll skip the super technical information in this blog post summary, and give you the basics on vertical SEO.

Vertical search works because it focuses on narrowing down on a broad topic to find verticals within it. Now, you need to tailor your vertical SEO to target the vertical search engines you care about. Each of the vertical search engines in your niche has specific guidelines on how to list your website, product, or service.

Your next step is to read Which Vertical Search Engines Matter? and learn all about the ins and outs of vertical search. Trust us, it’s a good read. You’ll learn about the different types of vertical search engines, how to use vertical search engines, and how to optimize for vertical search. We understand if you want to contact us for more information about vertical search. We are here for you.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Does It All Mean For Marketing?

The Internet is super smart. It seems to know what you want before you even know you want it. And if you believe the hype and buzz, this is all thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

We don’t want to burst the bubble on how smart the Internet really is… but we do want to remind you that humans, humans like us at Know Agency are still very important. We are the hard working smarty pants doing the research, analysis, content creation, and creative work that keeps the Internet churning along. AI and ML need us doing the work behind-the-scenes so the Internet can tell you what to read, buy, watch, eat, and think.

The really cool part about all this is that AI and ML are changing the way us digital marketers, SEO experts, and content creatives do our work. Now, we can give you better focused content – the content you care about and ultimately, the content your customers care about and want.

We get it, this is a little bit confusing and kind of creepy. But trust us when we tell you that real humans are still powering the Internet. You need us and we’re here to help.

We still want you to learn about AI and ML and what they mean for marketing. Then, we think you should contact us and let us help you get your SEO, content, and digital presence doing what you need it to do.

But Wait – There’s More

We’ve got more top-notch content just like this waiting for you on the Know Agency blog. Click around, dig into our archives. We’re pretty confident you’ll like what you find.

And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for – let us know. We just might write a blog post for you. Even better, we’ll work with you one-on-one to answer your questions. Yeah, we’re pretty helpful and nice that way.

We don’t want you to struggle and sweat over SEO, content, and digital marketing. Let us do the hard stuff so you can truly enjoy your job.

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