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Stop Playing Favorites and Use Internal Links

Stop Playing Favorites and Use Internal Links

We all have our favorites. The favorite restaurant or favorite shirt or favorite ice cream flavor or favorite web page. Yes, favorite web page. All too often when we’re working on a specific web page or blog post, this current page become our biggest focus. We pour all our energy into creating the best page we can. We create super useful backlinks, we’ve got the SEO perfect, the word length is exactly what we wanted and the image is super relevant and catchy. But what about the other pages on the website – those pages that were at one time, our favorites…. We can’t neglect these pages, and this is where internal linking comes in. Internal linking is how you can show these other pages some love and remind them that they are still your favorites.

Internal linking is a way to connect the pages that make up your website. This mean linking from a descriptive page to a product page or linking from a blog post to a service page. Think of internal links as a way for your readers to find their way around your website. These links take your readers on a tour of your website giving them relevant related information.

Now, we’re guessing that you might be asking yourself – but why? Why do I need internal links if I’ve already got backlinks, good SEO, a regularly updated blog, a search function, and all the other stuff you’ve told me to do? To be blunt, you need internal links to help your readers. But, as with all things Internet, there is of course more to the benefits of internal linking than this…. Read more

Give Your Blogs the SEO They Deserve

Give Your Blogs the SEO They Deserve

Standing out online is not easy. The Internet is becoming more and more crowded with content. It used to be that having good content would generate search engine results and hits. This is no longer the case. Now your content needs to be optimized to capture the attention of search engines and readers.

The good news is that with five key steps you can give lost content a new life.

Search engine optimization. SEO. Smart SEO sets the great content apart from the good. Yes, it’s a fine line between great and good, which is why SEO is so vital. Yes, there are lots of opinions on SEO, but we can tell you that SEO is what we do, day in and day out. So, trust us here and let’s dig into SEO and start showing your blog some love. Read more

Get Your Internal Links Working for You

SEO Value of Internal Links

No one likes a lazy internal link. If you’re going to put the time and effort into building internal links, you need to do it properly and make sure that your links are doing what they’re supposed to be doing: working hard to improve your SEO.

In previous posts we’ve written about why you should use internal links, how not to use backlinks and how we really want you to use backlinks. We’ll continue on with our linking and SEO themes with a deep dive into how you can make sure your internal links are working for you and not against you. So, without any more preamble, let’s get to it (we’re guessing you skipped this paragraph as it is anyway…). Read more

Backlinks 101: The Bad and Downright Ugly

SEO Bad Backlinks

We’re back on the backlink gravy train. Backlinks really are the make or break for your website and your search engine results. Good backlinks are what you want. These backlinks will take you far and will actually work for you, making it easier for you to get found, sell your products and services, and attract more good backlinks.

On the flipside, bad backlinks are extremely bad. In fact, they’re downright ugly. All it takes is one bad backlink and your search engine results will start to drop, you’ll lose online credibility, find it hard to build the good online relationships you need to build good backlinks, and if things get really bad – your website could simply no longer show up in the Google Search Results.

No, we’re not being overly dramatic here. We’re being honest. We’re not fooling around here when we talk about how detrimental bad backlinks can be for you and your website. We take the business of backlinks (yes, it’s a business) very seriously and this is why we want you to know what we know.

We’ve worked with too many companies who have been led astray by a devious SEO company that promised to get them to number one in Google Search Results.  We don’t want that to happen to you. We want you to build a strong online presence that uses the best-in-class of digital marketing and SEO strategy. This takes patience, skill, knowledge, and science. (Hint: we’ll test your SEO strategy for free and give you some free advice. Yes, we’re that friendly and helpful.) Read more

Backlinks 101: Let’s Talk Good Backlinks

SEO Good Backlinks

Since we assume you’ve been following along with our blog and reading all of our articles about how to build and develop a strong online presence, we know that you’re ready for more. You know what a link is. You know why it’s important. You’re totally up-to-speed on penguins and have booked your flight to Antarctica to get up close and personal with our feathered friend. So, what else could there possibly be to learn about this Internet stuff?

Remember, this post: Good Relationships for Good Link Building ?  Well, in this post we talked a lot about links and specifically backlinks and how important they are in developing a strong online presence. Google really likes backlinks and uses these to rate the importance and relevance of your website. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher the chance that your website is also of equally high quality.

So, as a refresher, this is what you want from your links:

  • Like-to-like: link to other websites that fit into your niche.
  • Keep it fresh: regularly audit your links to control the quality.
  • Being the cool kid counts: link to the most popular websites in your space.

Okay, great so now that we’re all on the same page, let’s dive in and talk about good backlinks. Read more